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     Maheen Khan 

    how much hair transplant cost & also highlight pros and cons of hair transplant.

     Sasha Khan 

    There are usually three pricing mechanisms used in the hair transplant industry. First there is the old and traditional method of paying a lump sum amount. In this method, the fees are charged per session. It is a very ambiguous method because the amount of hair transplanted can vary a lot from clinic to clinic and before considering a certain clinic the customer should have complete knowledge of the quality as well as quantity of hair transplanted.
    Secondly, there is a method of per graft pricing. It is a more commonly used method. One graft usually contains one to four hair follicles, the cost is dependent on the method of grafting, skill and experience level of the surgeon grafting and the clinic in which the grafting is being done. Thirdly, a new method of per hair cost has been introduced. Very few clinics have now started to charge on per hair basis. The customer should know the difference between per graft and per hair charges where in per hair method number of hair are determined but one graft cost does not mean that only one hair has been transplanted. It can range from three to five hairs per graft.

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