When it comes to hair, what is hot is not always seems to be the best. Everyone loves to experiment with his or her hair. Some women like straight hair while some love the curly or wavy hair. You may like your hair styling tools but the risk of burning, and damage is a little scary. Too much heat does damage not only your hair but also your skin. It is crucial to ensure that you are using your tools correctly.

Choose the heat tools with options- Whether it is hot iron, hair curler or dryer, only use those that have a temperature setting. Not all styling tools are created equal. It is not always necessary to use hair styling products at high temperature. If you can get it done with a lower setting, there is no need to crank it up.

Protection is necessary – You must protect your hair from the heat of hot styling tools hot combs, flat iron or blow dryer by applying a heat protecting spray. Stop the dryer just short of your hair’s becoming completely dry. Extra drying, after this point, will take away all the moisture, making the hair dull, brittle, and prone to split ends.