How to accelerate you hair growth

4 Tricks To Accelerate Your Hair Growth

If you are struggling with the slow growth rate of your hair, you are not alone. Having long shiny hair is the dream of every woman but few are actually working for that. There are reasons for slow hair growth rate or hair loss and if you are not taking care of them then you won’t expect any good results.

First, you need to understand how our hair grows. Normal hair growth cycle has three stages

  1. Growth Phase
  2. Regression Phase
  3. Resting Phase

90% of our hair stay in a growth phase that lasts 3-5 years. After that regression phase starts for 2-3 weeks in which hair fall start. Lastly, hair goes into a resting phase of 3-4 months.

Why it was important to explain the hair cycle because if hair life cycle is interrupted at any stage the normal hair growth would be halted or even one may experience hair fall. Following are the ways you can keep the hair cycle in normal order that would also help accelerate the hair growth.

Key Factors To Accelerate Your Hair Growth

Get Your Nutrition In Balance

healthy eating for hair growth

Nutrition deficiency is most likely the cause of slow hair growth. If you are on dieting for quite some time then you must switch to a healthy diet plan that includes carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Carbohydrates are the major energy source of our body if you are not replenishing your energy level than your hair will suffer. Get your carbs from vegetable, fruits, and grains. Protein is the building block of the body and hair consists of protein. Eating substantial amount of protein is important for healthy hair. Best protein sources are lean meat, egg whites, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Healthy fats are also equally important for our bodily functions. Our body can’t produce healthy fat Omega-3 that nourish, thicken and shine our hair. We need to get them from food sources like Salmon, Almonds, Walnuts, and Flaxseeds. Check this list of Essential Nutrients For Hair Health and Growth

Swap Hairstyle

Opt loose hairstyle over ponytail

If you are wearing too tight hairstyles like braids than swap it with loose one. Pulled back hairstyles constantly apply force to the hair roots hence making it fragile and slow down the growth.

Stress Less

meditate to relieve stress

Stress has a heavy toll on our overall health and our hairs are the one who got affected sooner. It’s easier said than done to stress less but one has to cope up with it to improve our health and enjoy every single moment of life. Following things can help you to relieve stress

  • Make a habit to exercise regularly
  • Meditate – desensitize stressful triggers
  • Relax on weekends – weekend getaway would be the best option to relieve stress

Head Massage

hair massage for better blood circulation

Gently massage your head once a week or so. Tapping with your fingers can increase the blood circulation to hair roots. Improved blood circulation means feeding your hair roots with the nutrition they need to grow. But don’t go harsh or aggressive on head massage it may lead to hair breakage.