In today’s society, the focus is on how we look and style. Magazines and television promote beauty as a preference in characteristics.  The main goal before a person leaves their house is to make sure they look good.  But sometimes no matter how hard we try we just can’t attain that goal.  Whether it is picking the wrong outfit, or having a bad hair day, something is bound to make us feel bad or even stupid later on.

Throughout the years, there have been different styles in fashion and in hair.  Each decade has had a style associated with it.  Some of the looks were for the better and some for the worst.  As humans, we feel we need to give it all a try and find out what look works best for us.

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes With Your Hair?

Can a hairstyle make you look stupid? The answer is yes.  Some of us try so hard to copy a new style, which we don’t stop think how will it make us feel in the long run. We just run straight to a salon and demand to look like the model on the front page.  50% of the time we end up leaving the salon wishing we had brought a hat with us to cover up. Sometimes we can cover these hair mistakes up.  There is always a solution to the problem.  But recognizing that you have a problem is the first step.  It is not unheard of to get a wild haircut, and color for a party and you fit in perfectly with the crowd.  Then reality sets in. Monday morning when it is time for work or school again you get ready and leave.  Once you’re there, you notice you’re getting strange stares or hear snide comments about your look. It is only then that you realize that one time look you wanted isn’t meant to be for the long haul.  Then you start to feel ridiculous or stupid for even changing your look.

So yes hair can make you feel stupid.  Is it the end of the world, though? Of course, it isn’t.  A haircut will grow out eventually.  A bad color job can be fixed too.  You may have to wait a few weeks to fix either problem. In the meantime, there are other options.  Hats and scarves are still very fashionable and are great cover ups.  Who knows you may start a new trend.  Just starting over with a new hair style that blends the mistake with something new and creative may work as well.  There is always a solution.

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