Kim Kardashian spotted with new hair style

Kim Kardashian, famous for her sexy hair, has changed her hair style after she worked for her husband’s album. Paparazzi spotted her recently when she was coming out of dermatologist’s office. Her new hair style was captured with brunette locks.

Kim used to change her hair style and color by time. Earlier, she was wearing platinum blonde in her husband Kanye West’s recent album. Her husband appreciated her blonde hair. Hairstylist of Kim told that Kanye always like Kim in blonde.

If you want to be like Kim and keep changing your hair style without affecting hair  quality, you should have a look on following tips to take better hair care.  

Avoid too much washing

Washing every day is not harmful unless you have dry hair. Wash only couple of times a week if you have dry hair or coloured hair as frequent wash can cause damage to hair. Do the shampoo only when you need it. Experts says that washing hair every day is a mistake.

Choose right shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type

Make selection of proper shampoo and conditioner for you accordingto your hair type. Take the proper quantity of shampoo depending on hair length. Apply shampoo to scalp and let it flow through length while washing. Be more careful when you have coloured hair. There are many shampoos in the market
that are specific for color preservation. Use them once a week only.

Oil it regularly

Oil massage adds shine and softness to hair. Regular application of oil to hair roots twice a week increases circulation hence leads to proper hair growth and less hair fall. Do massage with olive oil or almond
oil and rinse it with cool water after three or four hours.

Avoid hot water, Final rinse with cold water

Hot water makes hair dry and can result in breakage as it creates jumbles. Do at least final rinse with cold water. This helps in rinsing out shampoo more smoothly and better hair growth.

Minimize the use of hair styling devices

Be gentle with your hair. Minimize the use of hair dryer, curler, straightener, hot rollers and iron because heat damages hair. So use such hair styling devices occasionally and when use, apply protective serum in your scalp.

Use homemade treatments

Use egg yolk, yogurt, olive mask to make hair strong and healthy. Egg is the complete solution to hair issues like hair fall. Aloe hair mask, coconut oil and castor oil also improves hair health.

Last but not least, proper sleep and diet makes you and your hair healthier and stronger. Add fresh vegetables to your diet and live happy life and enjoy happy hair.