Sick And Tired Of Doing Hair Care The Old Way?

So you’ve been taking care of your hair the same way for years? Well, it’s time for a change.  There are so many men and women who refuse or just won’t change anything about the way they deal with hair care.  Some people get stuck in a hair rut. The same style will last for years. They never change color or even change the brush they use. That was then, and this is now. Time for some updated hair care methods.

Going in for a new style

If you’ve been hanging on to a hairstyle since 1985, it is time to move on.  Sure this look may have done wonders for you back then. Today, that look may be tiresome to you or just plain boring.  If you are worried about getting a bad cut, don’t worry.  There are new many ways to avoid this. With today’s technology, it is possible to check a hair style on you before you even hit the salon.  Software geniuses have made programs where you can try on as many hair styles as you like before committing.  Once you find your perfect style, print a picture and head straight to the salon.

5 Hair styling aids to tame your mane.

Hair dying class 101

Professional hairdresser choose hair dye color at salonDyeing your hair can be such a chore. Whether it involves sitting hours at a salon or doing a home dye job, hair dyeing can be stressful.  What happens if you hate the color you chose? With traditional dyeing methods, you are stuck for weeks or maybe a few months with a bad color. Today there are many methods for trying out a color before you commit.  Try buying a wig with the color you like.  Even try a wig in a different cut with a color you like, you just might like both styles.  Temporary colors are all the rage these days too. You are not stuck for weeks with color. Instead, your color will wash out after a few days.  New spray-can dyes work great too. Once you style your hair, spray the color of your choice on your hair for overall coverage or maybe add in some streaks for extra style.

How to Color your Hair

Avoid using the same products

A lot of time people find hair products they just love and will never buy anything else.  Going for commercial products for washing and styling may be ok. However, today’s push for a greener environment has more folks using more home made or natural products. Most of the time you get better results and at a cheaper price.  Many times you can find a lot of natural products in your kitchen.  Instead of using a pricey conditioner on your hair, try coconut oil or even vinegar. Both products leave your hair shiny and moisturized.  Have fly away strands? No need for hair spray. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on your hair.  Your hair can smell fresh and will be static free.

To wash or not to wash

girl at the showerWashing hair used to be a big event back in the days.  Depending on where you lived either water was scarce, or hair washing was an hour long chore.  Well, today we don’t have to wash hair every day.  A lot of newer styles can be maintained with minimal use of the products. Therefore, you don’t need to wash goop out of your hair constantly. Washing products have changed as well too.  You don’t need shampoo to clean your hair. A simple spoonful of baking soda sprinkled on the hair makes a great dry wash. You can also hold off on a wash job by changing the style of your hair and incorporating accessories. Not only will you look great but you’ll have a new look, and you can wash less in between styles.

Proper Hair Care

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  1. I have been a licensed hairdresser for less than a year and I am already sick and tired of it. People are just so demanding and picky about every little thing. And you can never fully satisfy them.

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