Hair roughness, lifelessness and shedding more than usual may the results of environmental factors, capable of affecting hair on even the healthiest scalps. Environmental damage caused by the sun, wind and cold may be putting your strands at risk for uncontrollable hair loss. Damaged hair tends to be dull, dry, porous, and susceptible to breakage and worst of all tough to manage. On the other hand, healthy hair has smooth and tightly closed cuticle layer that shields the inner cortex from drying out. The cuticle layer allows hair to maintain moisture and provides elasticity, strength and shine to hair.

Keeping your hair healthy and maintaining the hair care schedule contributes a lot in preventing hair damage caused by environmental factors.

Air pollution, exposure to the sun, both salt water and fresh water treated with chlorine, desert air, a cold climate, humidity, and the wind: all of these environmental factors can strip away our hair’s protective coating.

Follow these preventive