Biggest Hair Care Mistakes


Everyone has their own routine when it comes to dealing with hair.  It gets washed on certain days. Some styles never change. Coloring hair is comparable to a kid coloring with crayons outside the lines.  Or some hair gets hidden under a hat.  What we don’t realize is that our routines can lead to big hair mistakes.

Having the wrong hair style

A lot of times, people will see someone like a celebrity with a great hairstyle and think wow that is nice.  Then they run right to a salon to get that same style.  But little do they know it may not even
look good on them. Everyone has a different face shape and body shape. A certain style can make a person look better or worse.  Long hair works for some people. But when a short person grows out long hair, they just look shorter.  The same goes for a bob hairstyle.  It’s a cute cut with lots of potential. But put it on a short or chubby person, and it does nothing for helping their looks. So before you go and lop off all your hair to look like a model, talk to someone first. Have your beautician or stylist look it over and get a second opinion.

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Product overload

Before you leave your house, you want your hair to be perfect. Every strand should be in place.  Curls should be bouncy.  You want your hairstyle to last all day.  So what do you do?  Most people will spray can upon the can of styling sprays in their hair. Some will start with a gel then spray on top of that.  Next thing you know your hair is stiff and sometimes sticky all day.  Unless it needs to be pinned up all day,
hair should never have too much product in it.  On top of that excessive use of products means having to wash your hair more.

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Hair dyeing mistakes

At some time or another everyone has had a bad dye job on their hair. Most of the time it starts at home with a store-bought dye kit.  Store-bought kits are easy to use. But if not done right, a home dye job can be downright scary. Sometimes more than hair gets dyed. It’s not unheard of getting colour on your ears, your forehead or maybe even down your back from a lack of wearing protective coverage. The next dye mistake is choosing the wrong color. Some colors compliment your style and face. Others can make your face look pasty or washed out.  You can always change the bad hair style easily to something else. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to fix a bad hair dye job.  Sometimes you need to wait a few weeks until it fades or washes out. Other times you may have to bleach it out and start again.  Bleaching can be dangerous, though. It can lead to dry brittle hair.  So choose carefully when picking a color.