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Winter Hair Care – Fall in Love With Your Hair this Winter

It seems like just yesterday summer was still here. It was warm outside, kids played out all day, fashion shows were in full swing. We loved all the different styles of fashion and hair.  Hair styles were laced with sun-kissed colors and put into various styles.  Now as the seasons change so do the styles.  It is time to pack up the bikinis and break out the flannels.  With winter approaching, you might be concerned about how dry air and freezing temperatures can affect your hair. Dont’t worry these winter hair care tips can help you take care of your hair and keep them looking healthy all season long.

How to Protect Hair from Environmental Problems

Winter Hair Care – Preparation

As winter kicks in it brings with it a variety of weather changes.  It gets cold, windy, dry and maybe even humid.  As far as hair goes, winter does not always hair friendly.  But if you prepare your hair correctly for winter, this can be a happy relationship.  So start by getting a good conditioning treatment on your hair.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive movie star treatment. It can be done at home with simple products.  A homemade hair mask with natural kitchen products such as vinegar, eggs or even olive oil will work wonders. This will help keep hair tame and moisturized during those blustery cold winters. Try to avoid the use of any hot iron tools as they contribute to de-moisturizing hair. Get a trim now and then too to avoid that brittle, dry split end look.

How to Color Your Hair

hair highlightsChange up hair colors for winter

A full on color change doesn’t have to be drastic.  Winter weather can leave skin coloring pale, burnt or chapped.  Sometimes colors get washed out over time and no longer compliment your face.  So a light touch up of highlights can do wonders in winter.  A lighter hue or neutral color works great for winter looks.  Don’t have time for a full coloring? Try a little touch up just on the crown of your head.  Your grays will get full coverage, and roots will blend in nicely as well.



hair-cap-in -winter

Get that winter cut and style

It’s time to pull down the ponytails and toss out the hair clips that held up hair all summer long.  Winter is a time for more relaxed styles. Loose hairstyles are great for those holiday looks and they letting your hair down is great for keeping the neck warm on colder days. Worried about windy days blowing your style? No need to worry, if you style correctly. Use products that will gently hold your style in place. But don’t overdo it; otherwise you’ll end up spending more time washing and conditioning.  Remember to accessorize the hair. Scarves hats, headbands and even flowers are great winter wear accessories to any look.  Evan a partial updo is great. You get that long loose look and control flyaway strands at the same time.

Winter Hair Care Tips

  1. Exercise

    • The winter months are here and you need to take precautions. The cold weather can take a toll on your hair, skin and nails. Exercise improves blood circulation, which can help you feel warmer and also increase your energy level. With an increased blood circulation your hair will not get deprived of the nutritients they need to grow. Then best thing that you can do is to exercise regularly. Not only will it help with your metabolism, but also it will help you feel better in general. 
  2. Proper Hydration

    • Keeping your hair moisturized in the winter months is a challenge. In order to do so, it’s important to stay hydrated. The best way to do this is by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Not only will this keep your skin hydrated, but it will also keep your hair smooth, frizz-free and healthy.
  3. Use Humidifier 

    • Humidifiers help to keep skin and hair hydrated in the dry winter months. The heating system in your home can help you stay warm, but it can also cause skin to dry out and crack. A humidifier helps keep humidity levels high enough for your skin & hair to function normally, reducing the chance of flaking, cracking of skin and frizzy hair. 
  4. Shampoo & Conditioner

    • Winter is the hair care season. The cold and dry air tends to make our hair dry, brittle and dull. Yet, many of us don’t take the necessary actions to keep our hair healthy and looking good during this time of year. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner is a must. It is especially important to use a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing since the harsh winter air can be very drying on hair.
  5. Hair Mask

    • Winter weather is tough on all of us, but it can be particularly bad for your hair. Cold air dries out hair and scalp, which can lead to dandruff and flakiness. If you have naturally curly hair, you might find that winter exacerbates the tendency to frizz. And if you’re trying to grow your hair out, winter is the worst time of year to do so. The best winter hair care tip is to use a deep conditioning mask once a week. A deep conditioning mask will help repair your hair’s cuticle, which can become roughened by the dry air and hot water shower in winter. Roughened cuticles mean an increase in split ends and frizz. Once a week use Intense Repair Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask
  6. Regular Trimming

    • The dry and cold air in the winter causes hair breakage and split ends. Friction from hats and scarves puts additional strain on your hair. To prevent this, trimming your hair every 4-8 weeks can help stop split ends before they get too bad. If you’re growing out a short hairstyle, trimming every few weeks will help prevent your locks from looking too shaggy in the meantime.

Winter hair care is essential in keeping your tresses healthy and clean throughout the cold dry season. By adopting any or all of the above tips, you will be able to maintain healthy-looking hair. Do you have any other winter hair care tips that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments. If you find this helpful, please SHARE this with friends and family! 

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  1. Avocado oil is unique being that it one of very few oils that can actually penetrate your hair shaft. Packed with vitamins and amino acids, this oil can strengthen your hair and add luster. Its great for dry, damaged, or weak hair.

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